About POP Farming

POP Farming has the single goal increasing the amount of urban farmed food to build the local food economy, improve our food security, instruct the next generation of farmers and gardeners and feed our city from our city.

You can also find our produce from POP Farms at your favorite restaurants around inner NE and inner SE Portland.

The next POP Farm could be in your back yard, a vacant lot, in a city park, in the neighborhood school yard, on an unused rooftop or anywhere else you can imagine.

To read more about the “O” in “POP” take a look at our first post about  Portland Organoponico Project.


3 Responses to About POP Farming

  1. Rois says:

    Way to go!.I just found your group through a link on The Urban Farm Stores website.
    Is there anyone here in the Portland area working on bringing back Victory gardens? If so can you please email me their info?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


    • popfarmer says:

      Hi Rois,

      That is exactly what POP Farming is all about. It’s Victory Gardens 2.0.

      POP Farmers can install for you and coach you on a vegetable garden modeled after a real British WWII era gardening guide published by the government to encourage victory gardens during the war. It’s a great method. At that time both the US and the UK were producing a large percentage (60%?) of the country’s fresh vegetables in victory gardens. POP Farming wants to help Portland try to reach that goal again. Here in Portland we have a similar climate to most of England. Their guides work just fine for us. I can’t wait to install one of these in someone’s back yard. I know people will love them.

      POP Farming
      Urban Farm Consultant

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